Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10 Mental Post-It-Notes You Need to Keep Around (Read Time: 2 min.)

When life gets rough, tough or troubled, what do you say to yourself?

Do your thoughts build you up or beat you up?

Life has its moments. Exhilarating, fulfilling, heart pounding moments... Crushing, life sucking, heart wrenching moments...

It's the adventure of a lifetime and what you choose to focus on in your life is exactly what you will produce more of... which is why it's so important to retain Mental Post-It-Notes that remind you what you believe when the going gets tough.

Here are 10 Mental Post-It-Notes You Need to Keep Around:
  1. My life is my choice. Life happens for me, not to me.
  2. I am bigger than my problems. For every problem, there are at least a hundred solutions.
  3. Everything works out for my highest good.
  4. I deserve the best and I accept it now.
  5. In every obstacle, I see greater opportunities.
  6. Only love is real. I choose love, not fear.
  7. Tough times don't last but tough people do. Out of this situation, only good will come.
  8. This too shall pass. Tomorrow is another day.
  9. I love my life & I am grateful for every breath I take.
  10. In any situation, I know two things: 1- God knows and 2- I know that God knows.

Use these 10 Mental Post-It-Notes for the next 30 days and you'll be amazed by how your life will transform!

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