Sunday, April 4, 2010

"I Know What I'm Doing"- Do You Really? (Read Time: 3 min.)

I'm working on Chapter 4: 10 Judgment Calls That Can Ruin Your Life and the fourth judgment call is a very interesting one: "I know what I'm doing."

Sounds harmless, doesn't it?

In this "Take charge! Be Your Own Person!" world we live in, it makes total and complete sense to know what you're doing, to have a handle on things, to be in the driver's seat of your life. It's a good feeling when you're living in a space of confident personal security where you know that no matter what happens, you can handle it.

But, there's a difference between self esteem and arrogance, between understanding that you are part of the universe as opposed to believing that you are manager of the universe and that's where this fourth judgment call comes into play.

Far too often, we walk around in our lives not asking for help, not seeking out the wisdom of others who've been there/done that because, in our minds, we can figure this thing out on our own. Part of the reasoning is this: "If I ask for help, then I owe someone else something. It means I didn't do it on my own." How absurd is that?

Wisdom is accumulated over time and through experience.

Why would a person ever spend 10 years in pain so they can come out the other end saying "I did it my way!" when there was someone in their life all along who'd already done the 10 years worth of pain to be a teacher so YOU wouldn't have to?

It's time we got with the program. We are all teachers and students in every lifetime. We will always be teachers and students. When the student is ready, the teacher always appears but if the student decides that he or she would rather learn on his or her own, there is no one to come crying to when the journey takes you three times as long as it could have had you asked for some guidance.

Remember: asking for help isn't a crime; spending one minute too long in a less-than life always is. Choose where you get your wisdom from wisely but at least be the victor of your life by always asking for it.

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