Tuesday, July 6, 2010

7 Ways to Create & Build Your Success Momentum (Read Time: 3 min.)

"They conquer who believe they can."
- Emerson

Are you looking to the past to predict your future?

Do you use what you've done in the past to assess what you can do in the future?

Are you haunted by a past of failure and poor results, afraid to try again in fear that you might fail again?

Miracles are called miracles for a reason. Triumph has its excitement and awe because it's new, unparallel, and something different. If you never fail, how will you know when you've truly won?

Tony Robbins does a great job of explaining that failure is nothing more than learning and results. It's your opportunity to alter your objectives, refine your planning, and make another attempt.

The problem with people today is that we give up too easily. We have lukewarm commitments to our dreams and then we wonder why they haven't come true? I'm not saying be obsessed in your progress or forsake every other part of your life for one particular dream but I am saying this:

If you've got a dream, stop talking about it.
Put all your zeal, zest, and passion into it
and don't stop to look to the left or the right, the front or the back.
Just keep it moving!

Here are 7 ways you can do that on a daily basis:

1) Start each day with specific goals in mind. I use the Critical Six. Create goals that are alignment with your purpose. That doesn't mean they'll be exactly what you want to do all the time; some of the baby steps, no, quite a few of the baby steps on the way to your dreams, will feel like drudge work. Remember: Do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do.

2) Find ways to motivate yourself, to keep the juices flowing. Whether it's good music or a lunch break with friends or a jog in the park, don't drive yourself with work to death. Work for 3 or 4 hours and then take a "release" break. Do something outside of work that revives you. That way, you come back to the work you love with renewed zeal and zest.

3) Do your best work at your prime times of the day. I'm a morning person and my best writing happens in the early morning. My best podcasting happens in the early morning. That doesn't mean that I limit my work to those hours but it does mean that I try to get as much of it done then as I can.

4) Remind yourself who you are. I once saw an Oprah show with Matthew McConaughey where he said he wakes up everyday, looks himself in the eye in a mirror and says, "It's me and you kid." Here's the deal: it is you and you. Sometimes, especially when the going gets rough, you need to remind yourself who you are. I like to use the bible: "I'm more than a conquerer... I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me... God is my strength and power and He maketh my way perfect..." Use affirmations, declarations, whatever it takes to remind yourself of the power and greatness that is you.

5) Don't complain about ANYTHING. This is a toughy but it's true no matter how many ways you slice it. You can be in a state of gratitude (which will bring you what you want) or you can be in a state of complaining (which will bring you more of what you don't want) but you can't be in both at the same time. We tend to be a society of complainers and guess what? Misery loves company. Better to be by yourself than in the company of complainers. Make a decision today (it took me 3 days to really get there) to not complain about ANYTHING. It's tough at first but so are all habit-changing practices. After a while, you'll drop the complaining habit and you'll find ways to be grateful for everything.

6) Write down the 10 opportunities you have to move closer to your goal and read that everyday. The opportunities don't have to be big. By doing this, what you're training yourself to do is focus on opportunities, not obstacles. In my own life, I find that there are soooo many opportunities available to me that it feels overwhelming. I have to remind myself: "When God made time, He made enough of it."

7) Create relationships with people who are more successful than you. The goal is to be in the company of people who are where you plan to be, not where you've been or where you are. Ever hear a guidance counselor tell you to dress the part of the role you plan to play in a company (i.e., if you want to be an upper management and you're in the mailroom, dress for upper management even as you work the mailroom)? This applies to all areas of your life. Life as if, thinking from the end, and you'll find that the destiny you've decided is yours will more quickly move towards you.

These are just 7 ways you can be create the success you crave on a daily basis. Join me every Thursday at 7 PM MST for the weekly Not Built to Be Broken teleseminar to learn EVEN more!

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