Sunday, March 6, 2011

Everybody Needs Somebody (Read Time: 2 min.)

Why do you insist upon doing everything yourself?
What control do you have when you aren't free to share the load of life with another?
How long can you play the "going it alone" game without winding up alone?

Everybody needs somebody. Far too many of us have learned not to trust ourselves and, in not trusting ourselves, we lack the ability to trust others. We look on the world as a frightful, devastating place filled with liers, cheaters, and thieves. We question people's motives. We turn down kind gestures. We turn a cold shoulder to the needs of others. And why?

Because we're too afraid to be real, to show vulnerability, to open ourselves up to the miraculous experience of being seen and seeing the truth of the soul. How long can you live like that?

Life isn't the Pollyanna version you see in fairytales. In fact, even fairytales, when you get to their origins, aren't that happy. Life is an adventure filled with twists and turns, with good and bad, and the guidance that we take with us (namely, our intuition) is more than good enough to guide us along the way.

Will there be people who say one thing and do another? Yes.
Will there be heartbreaks, letdowns, and truths told that you never wanted to hear? Yes.
Will there be miracles, dreams come true, loves unmatched, and opportunities too big for the eyes and arms to behold? Yes.

Life has all of these things but if you're going to fully live it, if you really want to access it, if your life is going to be a bold walk on a tightrope rather than a short, treacherous hike up a mountain, you've got to do one thing: ask...

Ask for help. Ask for love. Ask for support. Ask for space. Ask for honesty. Ask for the truth. Ask for separation. Ask for more intimacy. Ask to have your needs met AND expect to have the answers come to you with ease and joy.

I love the words of Don Miguel Ruiz in "The Four Agreements":

"Everyone has the right to tell you yes or no but you always have the right to ask."

Everybody needs somebody. Don't miss out on opportunities to love, live and share simply because you're afraid to look weak. Weakness is grasping for control that doesn't exist, shying away from great love because you fear being able to keep it, wanting what you can't have and keeping what you don't want. Those are signs of weakness. Strength is being able to ask for what you want, expect to get it and, even if you don't, trust the process of life to bring you exactly what you asked for in Divine Right Timing. Yes, this is a way of living that takes time to cultivate but the one thing God made enough of is time... Trust the process of life :)

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